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Graffiti and Chewing gum removal

Graffiti removal

Using pressure washing cleaning equipment combined with non-hazardous graffiti remover's we can entirely remove graffiti efficiently at any time convenient to you. DMG services is willing at any time to carry out a test before commencing any work to ensure we meet your expectations every time.
Graffiti is a major problem in many towns and cities. Modern art or modern pollution, it all depends on whether you are the one to bear the cost of removal. If you allow graffiti to remain it tends to act as a magnet to every local graffiti vandal.
The answer is to remove all graffiti as soon as possible and apply an anti graffiti coating. This has the advantage of making any further graffiti easier to remove.
Anti graffiti coatings are completely invisible and micro-porous so have no detrimental effect on the substrate. DMG Cleaning Services are specialists in the removal of graffiti and surface treatment to help prevent further graffiti.

Chewing gum removal

With our Doff Cleaning System we are able to remove unwanted chewing gum from most surfaces inside or out. For example tiled floors, concrete car parks, footpaths, brick and paving slabs.
We then recommend over coating the surface with GO-GUM which provides a colourless durable and non-slip protection that is repellent to chewing gum and other pollutants


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